Group Classes


Our Group Classes are directed at improving obedience, handler attention and emotional regulation in both reactive and non-reactive dogs.

The Walk & Train Group Classes are directed at people who are serious about progressing with their dogs (and themselves!). The classes are run in blocks of 5, last 1 hour, and are held outdoors in South Edinburgh on the weekends. We limit them to a small number of dogs in order to give everyone individual help. You will receive homework every week with exercises and tips you can apply on your their daily walks in order to push the training forward.

To ensure that all dogs have a good training foundation and are ready for the class setting, we require all dogs and owners to complete an in-home session before joining.

Block of 5 Classes               £50

Kenco my 5th rescue dog had become reactive after being attacked twice while on the lead, by off the lead dogs. This in turn made me anxious on walks and my emotions filtered down to him adding to the situation. The classes were small and informal, the ethos felt like we were all a small supportive & inclusive family together. I’m not sure who looked forward to them the most Kenco or I to be honest. We are so thankful to have enjoyment out and about with Kenco again, rather than having the dreaded feeling, when we came across off the lead dogs. If you are considering them... jump , run go for it !!
— Mariea

What are people saying?

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Linnea and Gregor have a sympathetic and supportive approach to both owners and dogs, they clearly draw on a great combination of personal experiences, and lessons learned from courses and other respected trainers. I like the fact that their solutions are tailored to individuals, and that they are both constantly listening and watching to find ways to help.
— Liz