Edinburgh Dog Training & Behaviour Modification


Our Behaviour Consultations are adapted to your individual dog, and can cover basic to advanced obedience, as well as behaviour modification. Our aim is to help you boost the Bond with your dog by creating clear Communication and mutual Understanding. We will teach you what your dog’s body language is telling you, and how you can effectively use your own, to create a deep connection and a meaningful relationship. We will show you how to create a calm, attentive, and polite dog.

We work with dogs of all breeds, all ages and with any issue.

We will consider all aspects of your dog's life to help you figure out what has been impeding the success of your training previously, and how to move on to reach your goals. We focus on finding the cause of your dog's behaviour problems, rather than merely treating the symptoms, to ensure long lasting results. We pride ourselves in having the knowledge and experience of a wide range of training methods. This enables us to find an approach that will work effectively, and develop a happy and harmonious relationship with your dog. We specialise in reactivity and aggression issues, but also love to help you teach your dog good manners, and basic to advanced obedience. To read about some of the dogs that we have worked with, visit our Facebook or Testimonial page.

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Initial Consultation

During our initial consultation we discuss all issues that you are experiencing with your dog, and conduct a full evaluation of your dog in order to determine the cause of the behaviour and design a training plan to reach your goals. We demonstrate all training, and give you the opportunity to practice with your dog. Includes a customised step-by-step training plan for your dog, notes covering all methods and exercises we will be using, and instructional videos. After the initial consultation, you have access to our group classes and ongoing coaching sessions. In-home | 2-3hours | £90

Ongoing Coaching

There are few limits for what you can achieve with your dog. Let us inspire you and get creative to help you and your dog develop your relationship to its full potential! Our coaching sessions are great for reactive dogs who need some practice, and for owners who want to improve their timing and handling, or just learn how to communicate clearly and read their dogs effectively. We will adjust the location and topic of the session according to your needs. The sessions are available for 6months. Flexible Location | 5 x 1hour | £45/session - £225 (you save £100)

Single Coaching Session

In-home | 1hour | £65

A travel fee will apply outside of the Edinburgh area.

Want to get a headstart before seeing us? Check out our free Training Tips and Youtube Channel with Training Videos.

Since contacting Walk & Train, my life with Flynn has drastically changed. Linnea and Gregor were able to help me to identify Flynn’s issues, how to fix Flynn’s separation anxiety and help me to become a confident owner. Without Linnea and Gregor, I do not know if I would still have Flynn.
— Laila

What are people saying?

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The two males (my Sammy and foster dog Sparky) didn’t always get on, so I contacted the rescue who got in touch with Walk and Train on my behalf. My life has changed dramatically now that I can get them calm, the household isn’t as unruly. Walk and Train really helped me gain confidence and made my daily walks a much more confident and pleasant experience. Can’t thank them enough.
— Toni
Although Wilson has always been very affectionate, he was reactive to certain dogs, becoming frustrated very quickly when denied interaction, and occasionally mouthing. We’ve noticed a huge difference in his state of mind during our daily walks. Rather than constantly running around, lunging and pulling towards other dogs, he walks calmly beside me, his recall has improved and because he’s more focused and relaxed our walks are so much more enjoyable! The transformation in his behaviour has been amazing!
— Ali