"The service is second to none, and is much more comprehensive than the usual daycare, pick-up and drop-off. They take the time to get to know your dog’s individual needs and personality, and Anansi is always delighted to see both Linnea and Gregor. Anansi always returns happy and exhausted, and we have noticed a real improvement in her ability to manage her own excitable nature."


"Fantastic with dogs, highly recommend walk and train! After just 2 days of training our 7 month old GS has never been so peaceful and better on walks. Before he'd bark all the time for attention wouldn't settle, on walks he'd pull always run to other dogs to play and was so much work just to keep him by our sides such a difference now. Looking forward to try their out door classes :)"

- Steven

"When I remind Rafa that Gregor and Linnea are on their way, he will sometimes rush to the window to see if they're here yet. This is a testament to the fact that Rafa  loves going on Doggy Day Trips. It's great to see him trot off happily with a wagging tail and come back calm and tired - and he is not the easiest dog to tire out! I am so pleased to have found Gregor and Linnea. They have always been 100% helpful and reliable and it's clear that they are very much in tune with the dogs. I would highly recommend Walk and Train."

- Ailsa


“Although Wilson has always been very affectionate, he was reactive to certain dogs, becoming frustrated very quickly when denied interaction, and occasionally mouthing. We’ve noticed a huge difference in his state of mind during our daily walks. Rather than constantly running around, lunging and pulling towards other dogs, he walks calmly beside me, his recall has improved and because he’s more focused and relaxed our walks are so much more enjoyable! The transformation in his behaviour has been amazing!”

- Ali

“We would both highly recommend Linnea’s and Gregor’s services, as they are not only extremely friendly and helpful, but also have the knowledge-base and professionalism needed to work effectively and responsively with your dog and yourself. All in all an opportunity to send your dog to a great adventure while being able to lean back and not worry (relax)!”

- Nadia and Martin

“Linnea and Gregor have a sympathetic and supportive approach to both owners and dogs, they clearly draw on a great combination of personal experiences, and lessons learned from courses and other respected trainers. I like the fact that their solutions are tailored to individuals, and that they are both constantly listening and watching to find ways to help.”

- Liz

"When I moved to Edinburgh city centre with Dougal he became increasingly reactive towards other male dogs, and territorial towards dog walkers coming in to the flat, and I was at a loss. The routine and the training has made the world of difference, Dougal's behaviour with other dogs is vastly improved, I'm able to trust and control him better and our walks are much more fun. I'm also able to go to work happier knowing that Dougal's out having a great walk. I am so glad to have found Linnea and Gregor, their patience and dedication has made a huge difference to both Dougal and I, and I would recommend them to anybody!"

- Leanna

"Basil joined Gregor and Linnea for their dog walks while I was at work. It's a good mixture of mental and physical exercise and some training too. He enjoys his time with them and we joined their group classes to fine tune his obedience. I have been very impressed with their patience and skill at reading dogs and have been trying to reinforce what they have taught me. I am completely at ease when Basil is in their care. I cannot recommend them highly enough."

- Cheryl

"We have had Willow for just over a year and we were struggling with her fearful/ aggressive reaction to other dogs. Our walks became a tense and frustrating experience always on the lookout for other dogs or situations that could cause an issue. I now have a set of skills that I am able to use on walks to help Willow feel safe and reassured that we will look after her. The closeness that we have now has really cemented our relationship. This is all down to the advice and expertise of Linnea and Gregor. "

- Ebby

"Linnea and Gregor at Walk and Train offer the best walks any dog can ever wish for. It gives me great comfort knowing my girl is in such good, experienced hands and not only loving the walks but also receiving some training whist enjoying their countryside escapes. I cannot recommend these guys enough and I am very grateful to have found them. You will come home to a tired but very happy pooch."

- Debbie

“Kenco my 5th rescue dog had become reactive after being attacked twice while on the lead, by off the lead dogs. This in turn made me anxious on walks and my emotions filtered down to him adding to the situation. We are so thankful to have enjoyment out and about with Kenco again, rather than having the dreaded feeling, when we came across off the lead dogs. If you are considering them... jump , run go for it !!”

- Mariea