Puppy Program


Our puppy program is a one-on-one, in-home training program which is customised to your puppy’s individual needs to ensure it blooms into a well adjusted and well behaved adult. It is a great alternative to puppy training classes and gives your dog our undivided attention. We visit you and your new family member in your home, and design a training and socialisation plan based on your puppy’s personality.

We will discuss how to develop a strong bond with your dog based on mutual trust, respect, and understanding. You will learn how to read your puppy’s body language, and how to use your own to optimise communication. We will show you how to shape your puppy into an attentive and polite dog, as well as how to incorporate these exercises in your daily routine. Our step-by-step training plan makes it easy for you to know when and where to socialise your puppy to act as a powerful prevention for future behaviour problems. Our goal is to make training a fun and bonding experience for you and your dog!

Our Puppy Program is available to dogs under 6 months old. We recommend that you take fortnightly sessions when your puppy is age 2-6 months to be able to cover as much of the above as possible. If your puppy has developed serious behaviour problems such as resource guarding or reactivity to people, dogs or objects, please refer to our Behaviour Consultations. 

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Initial Puppy Consultation

We discuss any concerns you may be having, and how to work through common problems like mouthing, separation, toilet training and more. We evaluate your puppy's personality in order to design a suitable training plan, build a foundation to prevent problems in the future and create a well balanced adult dog. Our focus will lie on how to develop a strong  and positive bond with your dog, as well as appropriate socialisation. We will introduce your dog to marker training for relationship enhancing activities, and teaching your puppy emotional regulation at an early age. Includes a customised step-by-step training plan for your dog, notes covering all methods and exercises we will be using, and instructional videos. After the initial puppy consultation, you have access to our adult coaching sessions until your dog is 1 year old. In-home | 2hours | £70 (You save £30)

Coaching Sessions

Hands-on follow up sessions to ensure you are able to effectively put your training plan into practice. These sessions are designed to support you during the first year with your new dog. Receiving ongoing feedback on your handling and timing can hugely benefit your ability to communicate with and read your dog. Flexible Location | 5 x 1hour | £45/session - £225 (You save £100)

A travel fee will apply outside of the Edinburgh area.

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We saw a nearly immediate improvement on Oscar’s recall by engaging his attention throughout a walk and this has continued to improve over time. Linnea is extremely knowledgable about dog behaviour and is good at explaining the reasons behind it, as well as giving specific guidance on what needs to be done. I would highly recommend Linnea for dealing with dog behaviour issues and training.
— Lorna

What are people saying?

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Fantastic with dogs! After just 2 days of training our German Shepherd has never been so peaceful and better on walks. Before he’d bark all the time for attention, wouldn’t settle, on walks he’d pull, always run to other dogs to play and was so much work just to keep him by our sides such a difference now.
— Steven