My New Rescue


My New Rescue is a discounted training program available to people who are currently fostering a dog, or who have adopted a dog within the last month from a registered dog rescue. It is intended to provide a cheaper training option to make foster dogs more adoptable and to ensure a smooth transition into the dogs’ forever home.

We have a lot of experience working with rescue dogs with unknown or troubled backgrounds, and understand the subtleties of how to help them regain trust in people or dogs, how to compensate for lack of early socialisation, and how to help them bond with their new carer.

We can teach you anything from basic obedience and manners like Sit, Down, Bed/Place, Stay, Come/Here, keeping the dog off furniture, how to stop Jumping, excessive Barking, Leash Pulling, Food Stealing, to advanced behaviour modification for Separation Anxiety, Fearfulness, Anxiety, Resource Guarding, or Aggression towards other Dogs or Humans. This program is customisable to whatever the dog needs to ensure it is well prepared for its forever home, or to set it off to a great start in its new home.

We have among others worked with dogs from Scottish SSPCA, Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home, Dogs Trust, Scottish Greyhound Sanctuary, Any Dog ‘il Do Rescue, Staffie Smiles Rescue, Pound Dog Rescue Cyprus, Sighthound Association, Border Terrier Welfare, and Deierenasyl Luxembourg.

Click here to read about our qualifications and our rescue dogs' stories.

My New Rescue

Initial consultation with full evaluation (2-3hours), and 1 x coaching sessions (1hour). Includes a customised step-by-step training plan for your dog, notes covering all methods and exercises we will be using, and instructional videos. In-home | £130 (You save £25)

A travel fee will apply outside of the Edinburgh area.

If you recently adopted a dog, please send us a copy of your adoption papers. You must have your first session within a month of the adoption. The additional training sessions are available for two months after your first session.