- The Experienced Care Your Dog Deserves -

 Providing daily Dog Walking, active Doggie Day Care, and in-home Dog Training around Edinburgh.


Want to give your dog a great day while you are at work? We can help! Our experienced dog walker will give your dog off leash freedom, supervised socialisation, and work on good manners.


Doggie Day Trips

We want every day to be your dog's best day ever! We travel outside of the city and spend the day walking in the countryside to provide off leash socialisation at its best, all while working on good manners and participating in fun activities.

"We believe that for dogs to be truly healthy, inside and out, they should get to spend time in nature with their own kind. We seek to provide a Dog Walking and Doggie Day Care service where dogs are allowed to just be themselves."

Are you struggling with your dog's problematic behaviour, or just want to improve your dog's manners and obedience? - We can help!

We are now OPEN for new training and behaviour consultation clients again!

Behaviour Consultations

From basic obedience to advanced behaviour modification, we will help improve the bond with your dog through clear communication and mutual understanding.

Puppy Program

Customised to your puppy’s personality and your needs, we design a training plan to ensure your dog blooms into a well adjusted and well behaved adult.

My New Rescue

A discounted training program available to foster dogs and recently adopted dogs to help a smooth transition into the dog's forever home.


Group Classes

Our Group Classes are intended to build confidence, improve obedience, handler attention and emotional regulation in reactive dogs.

Want to get a headstart before seeing us? Visit our free Dog Training Tips and Videos!


"Our goal is to educate dog owners to better understand the nature of their dog's behaviour problems, and to embrace the dog's strengths and weaknesses in order to achieve Training Success.

When Dogs and Humans connect on a meaningful level, and communicate without hinder, there are few limits to what can be achieved."