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Started up in 2014, we are a family business based in south Edinburgh run by Linnea Lyckberg MSc IACP-CDT and Gregor Schmatz. We are licensed, insured and disclosed (police checked). We carry a canine first aid kit in our van which we have been certified to use. We are fully committed to the dogs in our care and tend to them as if they were our own. We believe that for dogs to be truly healthy, inside and out, they should be provided appropriate mental and physical stimulation, and get to spend time in nature with their own kind. We seek to provide a service where dogs are allowed to express their primal selves. Our goal is to educate dog owners to better understand the true nature of their dog, and to embrace both its strengths and weaknesses in order to achieve training success. We believe that when dogs and human connect on a deep and meaningful level, and learn how to communicate clearly and without hinder, there are few limits to what can be achieved.


The People Behind Walk & Train

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Linnea Lyckberg MSc IACP-CDT got her first dog at age 11, a Schapendoes called Smulan, whose behavioural problems led Linnea to want to learn more about dogs. In 2014 Linnea completed her MSc is Psychology (The Human-Dog Bond: Predictors and Possibilities) and was accepted as a Certified Dog Trainer by the International Association of Canine Professionals. In 2019, Linnea obtained her PhD at the University of Edinburgh on The Human-Dog Bond: Personality, Interactions and Emotional Dispositions. Linnea Lyckberg is also a lecturer for the MSc program Clinical Animal Behaviour at the Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies. Her aim is to understand both the dog’s and the owner’s experience of the relationship and factors which may influence it. When dogs act undesirably, Linnea believes it is important to look at the behaviour of both the owner and the dog in order to get them to coexist and work in harmony. To read more about Linnea’s research, click here.

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Gregor Schmatz grew up with several rescue cats and dogs, with whom he became very close. When Gregor was 13, his family adopted an extremely fearful and emancipated Doberman bitch, Tara. It took her many years for her to begin to trust humans again, but became a wonderful and confident dog with time. Gregor loves being outdoors, whether it be cycling, trail running or hiking. He has been running the day care pack for 5 years and has great experience socialising difficult dogs, reading body language and correctly evaluating the individual dog’s limits and potential. He has as a soft spot for troubled dogs and always gives each dog the time they need to build a close relationship. Gregor is also a photographer and has exhibited internationally. To see Gregor’s work, click here!


Qualifications & Education

  • March 2019: Submission of PhD Thesis in Psychology of Individual Differences, ‘The Human-Dog Bond: Personality, Interactions and Emotional Dispositions’ at the University of Edinburgh (Linnea)

  • December 2018: Alba Sand of Sane is Boring, Heeling course, online

  • August 2018: Hannas Hundhjälp, Socialisation and Rehabilitation Malmö, 3 day shadow

  • August 2018: Alexandra Ortega, Dogs of Pegasus Leadership workshop, 2 days

  • July 2018: Craig Ogilvie, Interactive Play workshop, 1 day

  • April 2018: Ashley Sculac, Canine Resistance Training: Building Blocks (drag weight and more), online course

  • September 2017: Jay Jack of Next Level Dogs (Pit Bull 101, and Play as the Way), Skype consultation

  • August 2016: Siv Svendsen, FCI Obedience, Mondioring and Hunting Trials, 2 day workshop

  • August 2016: Forrest Micke, Teaching Engagement Skills, through Leerburg Online University

  • July 2016: Measuring Animal Emotions, 1 day workshop hosted in conjunction with the International Society for Applied Ethology (ISAE)

  • June 2016: Canine Science Forum, 4 Day Conference at the University of Padua

  • May 2016: Granted IACP CDT (International Association of Canine Professionals Certified Dog Trainer)

  • March 2016: Eva Bodfäldt, Kontaktkontraktet för instruktörer, A Relationship Centered Approach for Dog Trainers, 2 day workshop (to be completed)

  • March 2016: Carina Persson, Puppy Training based on Eva Bodfäldt's approach, 1 Day Seminar

  • March 2016: Hannas Hundhjälp, Dog Walking and Training Malmö, 3 Day Shadow

  • January 2016: Tyler Muto, Leash Reactivity: A Comprehensive Approach, through Leerburg Online University

  • December 2015: Siv Svendsen and Maria Brandel - No Limit Obedience: The Foundations, Online Course (ongoing)

  • June 2015: Chad Mackin, 4 day Socialisation and Dogmanship Workshop

  • November 2014: Graduation Master of Science in Psychology of Individual Differences, 'The Human-Dog Bond: Predictors and Possibilities' (Linnea)

  • July 2014: Canine Science Forum, 4 Day Conference at the University of Lincoln

  • May 2014: Grisha Stewart, Empowered Socialisation: Behaviour Adjustment Training for Fear, Aggression and Frustration, 2 Day Seminar

  • May 2014: Canine First Aid Course by Rhodes 2 Safety

  • December 2013: Claudio Barbosa The Alpha Pack, 5 day Shadow

  • June 2013: Martin Deeley, Gun Dog Training, 3 day Workshop

  • December 2010: Hundezentrum Trier-Luxembourg, 1 day Leash Reactivity Workshop

Head Trainer for Staffie Smiles Rescue in the Edinburgh area from 2014-2019. Volunteer at Any Dog'il Do Rescue in 2014, walking and training the kenneled dogs. Members of the International Association of Canine Professionals (IACP).

Image by Free Range Dogs.

Image by Free Range Dogs.