Our Dogs' Stories

Fausto was adopted by Linnea and Gregor from Scottish SPCA in Glasgow in August 2012. He came in as a stray with no background history and was estimated to be between 18 months and 2 years old. As many dogs, Fausto was very stressed in the kennels which suppressed much of his behaviour. During the first few months, many of his underlying behavioural problems emerged. Fausto turned out to be an incredibly anxious dog. Almost anything would make him nervous, from the sound of traffic to the feeling of the wind. Shortly after he was adopted, he was badly bitten by another dog after which he became very dog aggressive. It took a long time to get Fausto to begin to relax outside, and even longer to help him feel safe around specific triggers. Although strange dogs can still be difficult for Fausto, he has now learnt to trust and appreciate dogs he knows and is a great help for us acting as a role model for our day care dogs. During their journey with Fausto, Linnea and Gregor have learnt things about dogs and about themselves which no books could teach them. After having received advice from almost a dozen dog trainers, they have come to one conclusion: There is no one method which works for all dogs and all owners – the approach must always be adapted to the couple in front of you in order to ensure that both parts can work together comfortably and effectively.

Ida was adopted in 2015 as a 4 year old cross breed, supposedly a Staffordshire Bull Terrier x Border Collie. She spent most of her early life being passed between homes and kennels - we are her 6th home. We don't know much about her history other than that her last owner left her crated for extended periods, sometimes several days, and she was poorly fed. When she came to us she had very severe separation anxiety, and was reactive to dogs. She now assists us on all our sessions, acting as a stooge dog or helping me control dogs during off leash socialisation sessions with reactive dogs. Adopting Ida was a really big milestone for us and a testament of how far Fausto has come from being deemed never to be able to be around other dogs, to happily sharing his life with Ida and all of our wonderful day care dogs. If you are committed to your dog and willing to work hard, there are few limits to what you can achieve with appropriate training and time.